3 Dating Tips for Guy

It’s unfair if you continue to believe in all of the feel good traditional advice that is out there about how you have to treat her like a princess and try to be her everything and hopefully, that will be enough for you to make her want to date you.

However, it becomes a lot MORE fair, when you really understand that what you really need to do, is to create instant attraction with a lady.

Here are three Girl Attraction Secrets that will make her head spin when she thinks about you:

1. Be the guy who always catches her by surprise.

If you are like most guys, then you probably are a creature of routine. You like to do the same things most of the time, and you rarely deviate from that comfortable routine. Well, that kind of comfort can actually kill any kind of attraction that a woman might feel for you. Instead of being boring and routine, why not throw in a little spontaneity and catch a woman by surprise every now and again? This will keep her on her toes and make her feel excited when she sees and hears from you.

2. Tease her about the little things.

When done right, teasing a woman can have a very powerful effect on her. It can make her feel a lot of sexual tension, the kind of sexual tension that eventually makes her want to go to bed with you. Of course, when you tease a woman the wrong way, it can tick her off and make her never want to see you again. Stick to teasing her about the little things, the things that she is not self conscious of.

3. Make her want more of you by disappearing every now and again.

When most guys find themselves attracted to a woman, they want to be around her as much as they can. Sometimes they even go a little overboard and end up making her feel like she is being shadowed or suffocated with all of that attention. Be the kind of guy who disappears every now again, be the guy who has his own life and she will find herself wanting MORE of you.